An official 501 (C)(3) Organization
PA - 2

Hogs and Heroes Foundation

Supporting Public Saftey & U.S. Military


The Hogs and Heroes Foundation is a community of motorcycle riders who support our public safety and military personnel. We sponsor and hold fundraising events for charities who also support these groups. We perform Honor Missions for fallen Police Officers, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Workers, Members of the Military and U. S. Veterans. We also plan fun rides and events for our members, participate in the rides, events, and fundraisers of other charitable organizations. We strive to set an example of good Citizenship and Community for the youth of our Nation. 

The Hogs and Heroes Foundation began in 2007, after its founders realized that everyday American Citizen Motorcycle Riders wanted to get involved with helping the members of Public Safety and our U.S. Military, but their options for membership in existing clubs were limited. While many of our members are in Public Safety, or the U.S. Military, or are Military Veterans, you do not have to be a Police Officer, Firefighter, or an Active or Prior Military Member. Very simply, we are looking for dedicated American Citizen Riders that support our members of Public Safety, U.S. Military and Wounded Warriors. The type of Bike, or Trike; your ride doesn't matter. If you don't ride but want to support our cause, you can join as an Associate Member. We don't separate our membership status by gender, all that matters is that you support our cause and participate in our Events and Missions.


Semper Proficio - Always Helping